About Nomadix


Active and adventure seeking people know the problem: the packing list for the vacation is long and the right equipment is often expensive. In addition to a towel, we need a sports towel, a beach towel and the shower towel should not be missing when camping. It's almost impossible to take everything with you on a trip.

Nomadix has taken a closer look at the demands placed on the various towels for most activities and developed a unique and powerful product that works all along the line. So you are well equipped for new adventures.

The practical multi-purpose solution is called "The Only Towel You Need™" and is a first-class yoga towel, beach towel and travel towel in one and your first choice for your next road trip. From now on you don't need three or four different towels, you only need the one!



Inside Nomadix: The Only Towel You Need™ is a multi-purpose solution. It is a top of the line yoga towel, a beach towel, a travel towel, and it’s your first choice for any road trip.


The ecological footprint of the products we buy today will have an impact on our planet for future generations. It is therefore our responsibility to work for sustainable solutions that do more good than harm, so that one day we can leave this planet in a better state than we found it.

We have a dual approach. Our ethos is "OWN LESS. DO MORE". We want our customers to buy only durable and environmentally friendly products that they can use for different purposes. This allows you to free yourself from material possessions and use your time and money for travel and a more fulfilling life.

As a company with social responsibility, all Nomadix products are produced as sustainably as possible. We feel obliged to pass this philosophy on to our partners. Our towels are made of certified recycled post-cosumer material. In this way we ensure that existing resources are used for our products instead of harvesting new ones from our planet.


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